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    heye veryone. Ive been having a rough time with my iphone. Was unlocked and jailbroke fine, but then i got this airplane message. I restored to 3.1 and relocked it to try and get rid of the Airplane noise message, and now I still have that plus a locked phone. Ive tried using redsnow several times with the 3.0 software to unlock it, and it completely finishes, but the phone is still locked.

    My t-mobile words, however, appear in the top left, and I can see when someone texts me, just not get out of the "slide for emergency" screen. I can make and receive calls, but again limited to this one screen. When i keep restarting I see the pineapple logo, but it goes to the locked screen.

    Also, for some reason, randomly the last time i turned it on, after the pineapple logo this wierd cartoon guy with glasses showed up, arms raised and mouth open, and in some wierd language (hebrew?) a word bubble appeared above him.... just turned it off again, and no more wierd guy.

    Any ideas? Thanks
    2009-09-23 02:59 AM