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    I tried to jailbreak my 3G with the new 3.1 pwnage tool. A lot of things are going wrong, and I'd like to get some input.

    I started with my unjailbroken phone with firmware 3.0.1. I made the custom ipsw, everything went fine, but once the phone was jailbroken, Cydia kept crashing to the springboard everytime I tried to open it. I next restored to 3.0.1 and tried to re-jailbreak with a new ipsw, this one with a larger partition size. Still the same thing. I restored my phone again to 3.0.1 and tried with an even bigger root partition, and some cydia packages pre installed, but the same thing happened again, and the packages didn't show up. Icy is working however. I tried to download the terminal app from Icy, the download worked, but that app crashes to springboard as well every time.

    The only thing I can think of is that maybe I shouldn't install Cydia and Icy when I make the ipsw file.

    Any ideas?
    2009-09-28 04:12 PM

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