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    Hi! So this summer I brought an iPhone 3GS, I jailbroke the 3.0.1 fw which came with it using redsn0w.

    Everything was working fine until I decided to update to 3.1 using the pwnage tool.

    I chost to activate by iTunes and the pwnage tool made my custom ipsw.

    My phone updated in like 5 mins, and showed the apple logo then the activaion screen.

    After this iTunes poped up and told me it was activating. So it came up with the UK o2 screen (as usual) but then it said, iphone error contact support :/.

    So i checked my phone and it said activated :/

    However i looks ok, I get reception but I dond see my carrier name So it looks like an iPhone out of the advert. It also doesnt show up under carrier.

    please help!

    2009-10-04 10:41 AM