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    I am in Japan and have no reason to Unlock... SoftBank is the best carrier there is here.
    I have spent all day using PwnageTool 3.1.3 to make a 3.1 Custom firmware for my 3G iPhone. Have been Jailbroken since 2.1.

    After successfully restoring all of my apps and everything, I noticed that I had no signal and no service.... Could not connect to carrier or make phonecalls. Then I read that I could get service if I installed ultrasn0w. Installed ultrasn0w and got service, I can call out. the problem is that in my network settings it says that I am not connected to SoftBank and when I call someone, my call is displayed as BLOCKED! So no one I am calling can see who it is...
    This is a problem for business reasons...

    reddawg posted here:
    that I should redo the ipsw and this time dont check the "activate"

    So I did that, but I still have the same problem.....
    Annoying, and I cant figure it out.

    I tried reinstalling ultrasn0w and boss pref/sbsettings toggles to turn it off, but it still is displaying me as blocked/private when I call someone.

    How can fix these two problems:
    1) stop hiding my outgoing number and
    2) reconnect to my actual provider? I have the original sim...

    any ideas?
    2009-10-11 02:21 PM
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    Why don't you try to downgrade to the 3.0.1 using the original apple firmware, then you create an 3.1 firmware by unchecking the ńctivate" option on your customized firmware?! If you do so, here is the steps to downgrade:

    (note: the tutorial below I just copied from some tutorial/blog)


    Browse to:

    ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup
    CDocuments and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup


    There is an info.plist in each of the folders, open them and change the "Build Version" and "Product Version" to match the 3.0 firmware. (7A341 and 3.0, respectively.)


    COMPLETELY exit iTunes and restart it.



    Also, other way to downgrade:

    Step By Step Instructions to Downgrade a 3GS From 3.1 to 3.0 9
    Accidentally submitted before I was done. These instructions are for Mac. If a mod can edit the title to put (Mac) where it says 9, that would be awesome.

    1.) This will only work if you used the "Make My Life Easier" button within Cydia to store your ECIDs.

    2.) Download BBEdit from barebones.com

    3.) Once installed, open BBEdit, go to "File" then "Open Hidden." Go to Mac HD > Private > etc > hosts and open the hosts file. You will need to go to the dropdown box and select "open all types of files" to select it.

    4.) Once you have the hosts file opened, go to the very bottom of the file, and paste " gs.apple.com" at the bottom. Go to file > Save.

    5.) Put your phone into DFU mode. (With phone plugged in, hold home button and sleep button for ten seconds, then release the sleep button while keeping the home button pushed down, until an iTunes prompt pops up.)

    6.) Option + click the Restore button, and point it to iPhone 3.0 OS, and Open.

    7.) After the restore process is finished, you can use redsnow 0.8 to jailbreak.

    Everything should work.

    Above tutorial from: http://forums.macrumors.com/member.php?u=326755
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    thanks man,
    I ended up chickening out and going back to my 3.0 firmware for now. I need my phone tomorrow and I dont have any more time to play with it today (ten hours in a day is my LIMIT!!!!)

    I never did download the 3.0.1 software, so I dont have that one.
    I did have the 3.0 original software though, so I made a new file with that and it works. I can connect to my carrier like normal again.....
    Restoring from my last backup that was almost 12 hours ago now...

    I never had downloaded the 3.1 software until today, and I just got it from the web somewhere. Maybe I got a bad copy...
    I have the 3.1.2 software from iTunes, so I think ill just wait till PwnageTool can handle it and upgrade then...

    thanks again....
    2009-10-11 05:49 PM