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    So i have a 2g iphone running on 3.1.3. i was trying to change my mail tone with cyberduck and it didn't work, and some forum told me to restart it, so i gave it a shot.

    long story short it's relocked my phone.

    here's the funny thing, I'm restoring it with my itunes with the offical apple firmware, but when it restarts, I'm on my emergency calls slide thing page. I can see my service bars on the top left with T-mobile carrier logo. I can even make and receive calls on it.

    Weird, so pwnage tool a custom firmware and try to restore it and get a error 23 and the phone stuck on a white screen.

    restart the phone and i'm back on the emergency call.

    blackra1n won't unlock it. it never reboots.

    info: imei: 01 130100 357240 0
    Iccid: 8901 2602 2000 4384 947

    free candy to the person that can crack this

    EDIT: jailbreaked with redsnow... well, i guess candy for me!
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