1. atxcheeto's Avatar
    I have a 2G iphone that I have Pwn before updated to 3.1.3 and downloaded the newest Pwnage Tool. I then have downloaded the needed Restore Version 7E18, and BIN files 39/46. After I launch Pwnage it sees my phone lets me build the restore file and save it to my MAC desktop and then I follow the steps to get my phone into DFU mode. I can get it into DFU mode and when I go into itunes and try restore it I dont if I am to use the file built through Pwnage on my desktop and how to use that file??

    Basicly every time I restore it it just does a normal restore and I dont get any of the Cydia files??

    Any help would be great!!
    2010-04-22 11:48 PM
  2. LOPEZNUNO's Avatar
    When you're on iTunes, use the "option/alt" key on you Mac, it's on the left side of spacebar between ctrl and cmd keys and pressing the option key click restore. Then in the window that follows you must browse and select the file pwnage tool created for you. You must use that file and not the original one used with pwnage tool.
    That should do it!
    2010-04-23 12:59 PM