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    Hey guys.

    I did a reset in the settings on the iPhone, thinking that it would remove my contacts and apps that I had installed... it took about 15 minutes to set the phone and restart. When the phone went back on its stuck at the pineapple logo.

    I can DFU the iPhone (be pressing the power & menu button) but can't do anything else. What should i do?

    Now its plugged into my mac, and with the pwnage tool waiting to connect so that I can unlock or jailbreak (whatever the term is). BUt it snot recognizing, and its been 5-10 minutes now?

    I think this might work.. I'm restoring now.


    Hello! Firstly, I'd like recommend that this be moved to General iPhone Chat. It won't get the proper exposure in the accessory forums.

    Anyhow, you are experiencing what is called a SWOD (Spinning Wheel Of Death). All is not lost! What you'll need to do is get it in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode and restore.

    This is the easiest way to boot into DFU mode:
    Plug iPhone into PC (or Mac)
    Press-and-hold the sleep button and home button until the device force-powers off. (about 10 seconds)
    Release the sleep button, but still hold the home button. Do this until you hear the device connected sound on the computer.
    You may now release the home button, to test that it works, go into iTunes, it should say that an iPhone is connected, and has to be restored.
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