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    I am using pwnage tool to try and jailbreak my AppleTV 2G. I created the custom restore file, successfully put the AppleTV in DFU mode (at least that's what pwnage says) and then tried the custom restore in iTunes. It seems to get most of the way through it then fails with an error code 1602.

    Ive tried it several times but get the same error.

    Anyone have an idea?

    I figured it out. Just in case anyone else hits this.....

    They key is that you must NOT have the AppleTV power cord plugged in. In the jailbreak guide it says you do not need it, but doesn't make it clear that you SHOULDN't have it plugged in. Once I unplugged the power and used pwnage to put it back in DFU, iTunes did the custom restore with no problem.
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    I'm pretty sure pwnage tool told me to unplug the power from the appletv when going through the process
    2010-10-24 04:30 AM