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  1. rmsmillertime's Avatar
    Im currently JB'd and unlocked; iOS 4.1 and bb 5.13.04

    Wondering if I can update using Pwnage to 4.2 but retain my 5.13 bb? I think the latest Pwnage will allow me to stay at 5.13 and not go to 6.15 (which I absolutely want to avoid); but I want to make sure this is correct.

    Has anyone pwned a 3G to 4.2 and kept a 5.13 or older baseband? If so, any issues and was it worth it?

    Thanks for replying
    2010-12-01 01:20 AM
  2. grumpytreto's Avatar
    I did and it works fine. I don't notice much of a speed difference because on 4.1 i disabled the launch daemons so it was faster, i tried disabling the launch daemons on 4.2 and my iphone got stuck on the apple logo and wouldn't turn on. So i had to restore, besides that i have not had any problems.
    2010-12-01 12:23 PM
  3. eelpout's Avatar
    I'm getting lots of Springboard crashes since going to 4.2.1 via PwnageTool on my 3G. Seems to be related to app switching (inter-app map links for instance crash regularly). I'm going to remove SBSettings and Activator and see if things improve. Which of course would suck because I use those guys regularly.
    2010-12-02 06:34 PM