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  1. obg7310's Avatar
    OK I have two basic questions

    First My original jailbreak was done with pwnage and i had to do a complete restore on my phone. When i get to rejailbreak my phone, is it true that it needs to be done with Pwange because otherwise it will mess up my phone?

    btw i have an iphone 4

    My next q
    I rebooted and upgraded when i do the whole tinyumbrella process and get to the point where i direct itunes to my firmware file, the file doesnt show up.
    Reason being that the file doesnt show like a
    "run' file but it is instead broken into other files. what can i do in this situation.
    The reboot upgraded me to 4.3.5 an im trying to go back to 4.3.3

    2011-09-07 02:12 AM
  2. Itai Y. Zemah's Avatar
    Did you save SHSH? If you didn't, you can't downgrade, you're stuck and 4.3.5 has no new features.
    2011-09-16 02:28 PM
  3. Mes's Avatar
    What Itai Y Zemah said is very true! Before you can restore any iOS except the very latest, use Tiny Umbrella check and verify SHSH blobs are available for the version you wish to restore.

    The iOS firmware should not be extracted into multiple smaller files. Use FireFox to download the iOS firmware file. Pwnage looks for the firmware as one single file with an extension of '.ipsw'.

    Pwnage is a very good tool to use because it does not update the modem firmware, includes jailbreak, and assists putting the device into the correct pwnd-DFU mode prior to the iTunes restore.

    Instructions and info is available from links below.

    2011-09-16 03:22 PM
  4. Itai Y. Zemah's Avatar
    Sn0wbreeze or other Xpwn clients also offer those features. Unlockers should ALWAYS use a custom HACKTIVATED .ipsw to preserve the baseband except for iPad baseband users who can use redsn0w to fix error 1015 or those with 05.14.02 or higher and wanna install iPad baseband to get regular activation tickets to prevent battery drain.
    2011-09-16 07:57 PM
  5. Mes's Avatar

    Sn0wbreeze for Windows PC
    Pwnage for Apple Mac
    2011-09-16 07:59 PM