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    i have been going through it for a while on this phone - since i upgraded to iOS5 one week ago. (if youre really interested you can read this, although its not super relevant, i dont think.)

    anyhow, i have finally (finally, finally) gotten my phone to accept the downgrade from 5 to 4.3.3, in part by settings it up as a new phone after tinkering with tinyumbrella.

    IIRC, it was something like this:

    - wiped device, set to vanilla iOS5, no sync
    - run tiny umbrella according to same procedure detailedhere
    - got error 1 upon completion
    - used DFU and Fix Recovery

    it took a few attempts, but it finally booted properly into 4.3.3 for me.

    however ... now that my phone works as 4.3.3 again, iTunes doesnt see any of the backups i made in the last year, including ones from right before i updated to 5... so i have nothing but stored (empty) apps to "restore" with. i cant get texts, contacts, or anything.

    to be clear... the 4.3.3 backups were present and being used up until last night, when i was successful in rolling back from 5 to 4.3.3. now, theyre not accessible in iTunes. oddly, it shows backups from 2008 and forward, but none from 2011. this is happening on both of the machines which i duplicated the itunes folders, which i did because i have a cranky harddrive on my xp machine and am trying to migrate myself to a 7 box.. but have to make my phone play nice first.

    am i just overtired (yes) and overlooking something obvious? :-/

    a little more info:

    im running xp on the main box i am backed up to, and i checked CDocuments and Settings\[me]\Application Data\Apple Computer\MobileSync\Backup\ and i see folders whose creation timestamps align with the backups i saw (and used) as recently as yesterday. this includes one on Oct16th which i believe is 4.3.3, although not another recent since July 2010, which doesnt seem possible, since i was restoring against multiple recent, viable, dated Oct 2011 backups as recently as two days ago.

    would something have wiped these out?

    do i need to jb 4.3.3 again before it will see those backups? i cant imagine why it would matter, but i have been holding off on that portion to keep this as vanilla as possible.
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    Unfortunately, many ppl complain about this issue ... seems it's not solved yet .. but the only thing i can't tell you is if you have a previous backup for your system like the Time Machine on (mac) or anything else on (Windows), your system .... you could restore it easily.
    Anybody have a 4.x.x should keep a backup of iTunes Library before upgrading to iOS 5. because Apple screwed us on this since the iOS 5 transfers iOS 4 to 5 encryption or whatever, so that it'll not be compatible with 4 anymore
    Anyway ... Give it a try to install a previous version of iTunes (Don't remove all the files for the iTuens when u r tryin' to uninstall it)
    Good luck.
    2011-11-17 02:43 PM