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  1. rstan25's Avatar
    I bought an unlocked iPhone off the internet - gave it to my sister who consequently attempted to 'restore' using iTunes.

    The phone is now stuck in Recovery Mode (itunes and USB logo) and will not exit no matter what program I attempt using, on either operating system (Windows and Mac).

    The furthest I have gotten is entering DFU mode (I think) as well as possibly knocking it out of Recovery Mode using Recboot. However, when I attempt to restore using iTunes, it kicks it right back into Recovery Mode, leaving me at square one.

    Please help! I am computer illiterate. The programs I have attempted are redsn0w, Recboot, iReb, and blackrain to no avail. I've followed multiple youtube videos! Thanks!!
    2012-03-21 04:03 PM
  2. Susty's Avatar
    Is there an error message?
    2012-03-21 04:18 PM
  3. jennlamb11's Avatar
    I have the same problem. I am so illiterate when it comes to computers or cell phones.

    I have an jailbroken iphone 3gs.
    A friend is buying this from me as I upgraded to a new phone, I went into my settings and clicked reset, to delete everything for her.
    I got the apple symbol with a turning thing, so I waited. Then when it was finished it left my just the apple symbol. I cant go anywhere from there ?
    SO I googled and youtubed. I held the home button and power button, then just the home button to get the USB and itunes picture, I opened itunes, held the home button while connecting to itunes, then it told me my iphone was in recovery mode, and gave me the option to restore. I clicked restore, it was extracting files, preparing to restore, then it went black, back to the apple symbol and then connect to itunes giving me the Error of 1611.

    I looked that up as well. Deleted everything apple and itunes, re-downloaded it all again and it did the same thing.
    I don't know where to go from here.
    Someone please help ! literally step by step speifically how to do this.
    2012-04-22 11:26 PM
  4. str9_tnt's Avatar
    @rstan25 : u need to restore the phone again. now would be to 5.1.1

    @jennlamb11 : jailbroken iphone must NOT use the erase all contents and settings in the reset menu. It will make the phone froze. I experienced that myself. So the only way is to restore the phone by going into DFU mode. There maybe another way, but i don't know.
    2012-06-16 05:17 PM