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    ok since other people are having this problem i will post what i have found from searching

    when you jailbreak the 3g after updating to 3.0 you wont have the camera icon in the message nor have the option to send the pic directly from the photo album

    what we didnt know is that you have to fill the MMS settings and then reboot the phone and then the camera icon will show up in your messages

    i did this on t-mobile with the following setting

    APN: wap.voicestream.com
    MMS Proxy
    MMS Max Message Size:
    MMS UA Prof URL:

    i dont deserve the credit for this one, another member on here posted this under another thread but alotta people missed it since they were looking for something else

    hope this helps
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    2009-06-23 09:43 AM
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    I know you side you figured it out, but what I thought there was one suppose to be there as well and I dont have one??? Did they take it off the official update?
    2009-06-23 02:24 PM
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    Camera Icon in Messages not showing, SOLVED

    figured it out
    Please post what you did to solve this problem. Other people encountering this problem will appreciate your solution.
    2009-06-23 10:34 PM
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    i updated the first post
    2009-06-24 02:12 AM