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  1. fredanklin's Avatar
    so i got a version of 3.0 for my ipod first generation from some 3rd party, jailbroke from redsn0w 7.2 and all was fine at first.

    i got the JB done and after i tried to update Cydia and it failed. and then dl'd winterboard. after i did all the native apps such as settings, music, were all gone.... i got the original 3.0 from itunes, should i try again? or is winterboard not suitable for 3.0?

    i dont care if i get a link, i just cant sort though everything and google is not my friend :'(

    on a side not, i held a brown widow today and didnt get bit
    2009-06-27 07:49 AM
  2. dented42's Avatar
    are you sure that the problem was caused by winterboard?
    I have the same thing as well, but I installed winterboard along with several other things.
    did you only install winterboard?
    I also later installed SBSettings to see if I could just unhide the original apps, but it appears as if they were completely eradicated.
    how can winterboard simply delete all of the prepackaged apps?
    2009-06-28 01:49 AM
  3. fredanklin's Avatar
    they just disappeared LOL i didn't try to SSH into everything and seeing, just saw they were gone!

    i think ill just stay at 3.0 not jailbroke for a little
    2009-06-28 07:58 AM