1. trubeats's Avatar

    I've jailbroken my iPhone 3GS with redsn0w and everything is working fine. When I install Mobile Substrate everything also seems to be working fine, but when I install VoipOver3G all my applications just crash straight away after opening them.

    Why does this happen? Is VoipOver3G compatible with iPhone 3GS and 3.0 software?

    2009-07-10 12:11 PM
  2. kyle01's Avatar
    I had this same problem on my 3GS. The voipover3G on 3.0 works fine on my 3G phone but not my 3GS. I think you need to do a few restores until it stops crashing. I also noticed certain apps (truphone 3.0) can't be added to voipover3G on my 3GS. As soon as I edit the .plist by adding com.truphone.truphone it crashes every app including maps, safari, etc.

    I think there is definitely some fine tuning to be done.
    2009-07-11 08:36 PM
  3. unitoflove's Avatar
    Voip over 3G whit new iPhone 3GS working whit iTalk and Siax you find it by Cydia !!
    2009-07-13 02:25 AM
  4. thedanks's Avatar
    Taken from crash-x's twitter:

    3G Unrestrictor, the successor of VoIPover3G, which will support the 3GS, will have a config app, which lets you add apps.
    2009-07-14 03:54 PM
  5. bteamer's Avatar
    VOIPover3g isn't working on 3.0 yet, and causes skype, italk, etc. to crash. Crash-x will be releasing a fix soon.
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    2009-07-14 09:13 PM
  6. noall666's Avatar
    Anyone have a solution or a fix for this yet.
    I installed truphone on 3 gs 3.0 jailbroke/ unlocked and truphone always crashes on me when I start it. Other apps all are ok!
    2009-08-18 10:27 PM