1. dj_myk's Avatar
    Hi all

    I currently have a 3g iphone 8gb which is running 3.0 and unlcoked using redsnow

    i have seen the 3.0.1 update out.

    am I correct in saying I just need to use Itunes to do this update or do i need to use redsnow version 8 and create a new ipsw file from the 3.0.1 file.

    I am a litte confussed. Most places I look I can find out how to upgrade and unlock 3.0 but not going from and unlocked 3.0 > unlocked 3.0.1



    2009-08-08 03:31 PM
  2. seann33uk's Avatar
    i wouldn't bother if i was you. the 3.0.1 simply patches the "text hole" that was announced the other week. nothing really worth updating to.

    BUTTT if you really want to simply restore as normal on itunes then run redsn0w to unlock, but you need to focus it on the 3.0 IPSW not 3.0.1
    Being an i can be a lot of pressure. you have to live right up to the small point.
    2009-08-08 04:04 PM
  3. topmybux's Avatar
    Upgrade to 3.0.1 using iTunes.

    Then do the jailbreak process again using redsn0w and load it with 3.0 firmware

    2009-08-08 09:15 PM
  4. thehighlander's Avatar
    To be honest I would not upgrade just now. I upgraded to 3.0.1 and jailbreaked my Iphone again but the majority of my Cydia apps are not working with the new firmware.

    Qik and Cycorder were on the ball with getting this sorted but other apps like videorecorder3g do not work with 3.0.1.

    I would keep it as it is.
    2009-08-08 10:04 PM
  5. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    ^+1, I would wait also.
    2009-08-08 10:06 PM
  6. congapraise's Avatar
    I am on 3GS 3.0.1 and all Cydia apps/tweaks/themes work fine. You might have upgrade ALL essential updates on Cydia and or just reboot your iPhone....
    2009-08-09 07:12 AM