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    I just upgraded from a 2G to a 3GS iPhone and tranfered all my stuff. My problem lies in the messages app.
    I can see all my old conversations, but when I try to send an sms the program crashes. I tried to delete the drafts folder and that did not work. I tried to delete each file one at a time with no sucsess.

    I copied my 2G with 3.0's SMS folder under User/Library/SMS - files included /Drafts/, sms.db, and sms-legacy.db.

    I need to know how to fix this or I need the stock 3GS messages files please. I'd rather not restore because i just spent alot of time setting up the phone.



    info: 3.0 8GB 2G jailbroken/unlocked with redsn0w 0.7 windows vista
    3.0.1 16GB 3GS jailbroken with redsn0w 0.8 windows vista
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    2009-08-14 09:13 PM
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    You may have to restore and start all over. If the stock message app is crashing that's a really bad sign that you've messed up some important system files.
    2009-08-14 09:25 PM
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    you say you restored the sms.db manually. what are the permissions on that file? it sounds like you may not have right privs to it which would cause you to be able to see them and not be able to create new ones or edit
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    2009-08-14 09:28 PM