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  1. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
    Is it simply a case of downloading the old firmware and restoring using the shift and click on restore?
    2009-09-07 05:00 PM
  2. sursture's Avatar
    Normally - YES!
    FWs here: iPhone Firmwares download | iPhone Firmware

    Make sure you set up the phone as NEW in iTunes - otherwise you are likely to inherit any current problems...
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    Do hope that helps


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    2009-09-07 05:40 PM
  3. Poseidon79's Avatar
    It's a bit more complicated... it depends on your device. A first generation iPhone can be downgraded no problem with a DFU restore. With an iPhone 3G... if you are on 3.0 or 3.0.1 you cannot downgrade to 2.0+ b/c the 2.0 firmware will not talk to the 3.0 baseband. We need a lot more information about exactly what you're trying to do here...
    2009-09-07 06:22 PM
  4. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
    DFU being power and home for about 10 seconds right? And then hold home till the reconnect symbol. When it says its found a found in restore mode, simply choose the FW I want?

    Its is a iPhone 1st generation fone. I know how to change basebands etc but thats not the problem - just never gone the opposite way rather than up!
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    2009-09-07 06:26 PM
  5. Poseidon79's Avatar
    Well at this point there is no feasible reason to want to downgrade b/c 3.0 is the best and most stable with the most features and nothing is being developed for 2.0 anymore. After you restore you may get error 1015 (or 1013). This is ok. Just use Quickpwn to jailbreak at this point.
    2009-09-07 07:02 PM
  6. Papa Lazarou's Avatar
    I have an issue where the signal goes from 1, to 5 to 1 to NO SERVICE to 5 bars. Tryig to workout if its software or hardware. Have the hardware to fix it with, just making certain its not something i've messed up as its had this problem for a while since 2.2.1 IIRC.

    Trying to downgrade and the fone is giving me the error (20) on anyhing below 3.0?
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    2009-09-07 07:34 PM