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  1. iamhopeless's Avatar
    ive had my iphone jailbroken for me by someone else before but for some stupid reason i went to update my itunes to 3.1 and its locked up again. so i downloaded all the correct procedures and **** to jailbreak my phone again. everything goes sweet. i get to the point where it sais "downloading jailbreak data" on my iphone screen. and then once it restarts it goes back to the picture of a cable directing up to the itunes logo. and it says my iphone is still locked. and when i connect to itunes it says my simcard is not supported? ******. can someone help me out abit. cheeeers.
    2009-09-12 07:49 AM
  2. ivtec's Avatar
    best to check you have downloaded the correct firmware file for you iphone whether its 2g or 3g as i have had the same problem and it was a result of incorrect firmware file.
    2009-09-12 03:58 PM
  3. lofi's Avatar
    it appears your phone is carrier locked to another carrier. you need to get a sim for that carrier that the phone was originally on, then it can get activated thru itunes. after that go to cydia to get the apropriate unlock so that you can use the phone with your sim.
    2009-09-12 08:51 PM
  4. i.Annie's Avatar
    You can't jailbreak 3.1 yet.

    EDIT: you can't unlock it anymore either unless devteam releases another ultrasn0w that works on the new baseband you just upgraded to (I think that's unlikely, they're advising to be careful and wait because they want you to preserve your baseband so your ultrasn0w will still work on 3.1 when they release the JB).
    2009-09-14 06:38 AM
  5. globen's Avatar
    i have the same problem.. but i did not upgrade it to 3.1
    this is wat hapen.. at first i restore my iphone 3g to itune 8.2
    the download is good and then when i try to jailbreak it using redsnow 0.8
    it always returning to redirect cable sreen. i already jailbreak iphone 2g and 3g, but this time its getting me hard to jailbreak it..
    can anyone have a fix for this..
    2009-09-16 12:38 PM