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    I need help and I have been searching for hours to no avail.

    I bought a new I phone from the Apple store, 2G 8 Gig with 3.O FW (7A341). Got home, downloaded the Redsnow package to unlock and followed the instructions to the letter, everything went well, popped in my T-Mo sim and called away. That is the good part.

    The bad part? If my I phone is in sleep mode, and I get a call, it doesn't ring, same with texts. However, if the phone is not in sleep mode the calls will come right through. I wondered why I hadn't been getting any calls and when I slid the bar to wake it up then I noticed all kinds of missed calls. Sure enough, I called it from my land line and it wouldn't ring through.

    I searched here for solutions and tried all the suggestions such as putting e mail accounts on Fetch instead of push, etc. Nothing has worked.

    I was going to do a restore from I tunes but then I got a prompt that said it would restore the phone to 3.1. That's when I stopped. I'll admit I'm not that astute in these matters, but I did have enough sense to not go any farther and instead I thought I would seek help here cause I got scared that I would jam it up.

    Thank You
    2009-10-02 05:42 PM
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    If it is a 2G you and ALWAYS unlock
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    2009-10-02 06:42 PM
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    Hi all, after digging around for days to find an answer to my problem of why the I phone doesn't wake up from sleep when a call comes in, I found one small post from someone( can't remember which forum) that was the solution to my problem.

    The post suggested that I download the app "insomnia" from Cydia, I did, and it worked perfectly, my phone now wakes up when it's in auto-lock, and I get a call or text.
    2009-10-11 06:21 AM