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    what I have:
    Iphone 3g
    OS = 3.0 unlocked/jailbroken last june/09 with redsn0w/ultrasn0w right when it came out. I basically haven't touched any of this since last year when I unlocked it etc.

    Today I was installing an app game in cydia (this is like the first time I've touched cydia since I unlocked this phone) when cydia unexpectedly crashed during the install of the app. When it crashed, it went to the main screen and some of the icons were all messed up with weird chars and some completely white. I rebooted the iphone and it came up with all the default icons gone (mail/settings/safari/ipod etc) the slide bar where they usually are, completely empty.. I tried power cycling and restoring from backup to no avail.. Even the cydia and ultrasn0w icons are gone.. It appears that the only icons working are ones that I've purchased or d/l for free. It still seems to be unlocked though since when it boots with my sim it connects to tmobile.

    Can anyone help me?? I don't want to do a full restore since the baseband will be flashed right?

    2010-04-29 11:59 PM
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    I am also having this problem, could someone please help

    I have now installed an app in Cydia and they have just come straight back! So try that : )
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    2010-06-30 06:17 PM
  3. sgt.pepper's Avatar
    did you spoglight search for them?


    13 recovery mode restores
    7 dfu mode restores
    2 custom firmware restores
    2010-06-30 06:18 PM
  4. m1ke28's Avatar
    Thanks, I could not get into cydia though it was also missing.. I was able to restore with PwnageTool to a custom 3.1.3 IPSW file and maintain my old baseband and jailbreak, works fine now with 3.1.3 & 4.26.08.

    2010-06-30 06:22 PM
  5. sethbye's Avatar
    No i din't search for them, they just came straight back when i quit Cydia.
    2010-07-08 05:09 PM