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    I like the iphone (unfortunately, I just bought it so it is a 3 GS with the new bootrom and new iOS 4.01) - it is sexy but I actually only got it to do my work as a translator while on the road in a mini RV for the next year. I receive email attachments - typically ZIP files and a proprietary xml clone (txml), which are both not natively supported by the iPhone. I need to download the attachments to my iPhone, transfer them to my notebook, translate them, transfer them back to my iPhone, attach them to an email and send them off. You get my problem?
    I installed the free app FileApp, which helps with part of my problem - but I still cannot receive ZIP or txml (and most probably many other file types I am just not thinking of now).
    Due to FileApp (which I try in the free non-pro version) I can transfer files between my notebook (Windows Vista 64 bit) and the iPhone - but I cannot receive/download the attachments - and I cannot attach my processed files to emails.

    I know that I could do all of this by tethering my iPhone, but guess what, that does not work either as I need to jailbreak it and that does not work with my particular iPhone - I tried SnowBreeze and redsn0w - and this forced my from the original iOS 4.0 to 4.01 as the phone was dead and I could not revive it with a custom firm ware.

    So - as I see - I cannot jailbreak it, therfeore not tether it - I can also not use any App that would allow me the work-around with transfering files between my notebook and iPhone -as this also would require to jailbreak it. So it is a viscious cycle - and unless anyone has a specific suggestion that works, I will need to return the iPhone today/tomorrow and leave this nice and exciting community - and return to an uggly, non-sexy, outdated other smartphone....

    Hope anybody can help....

    luv, leila

    2010-07-19 07:19 PM
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    There are plenty of other sexy smart phones on the market now that are even better than the iPhone. If youre willing to switch to Sprint which has a much better network than AT&T then you could get the HTC EVO which is much better than the iPhone and has all of the features you're looking for.
    2010-07-19 08:11 PM
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    I'm a huge fan of iPhones and wouldn't want any other, but in your particular case I think you should go with another brand. While a jailbroken phone can do what you need it to, it's overly complicated especially considering other phones might be able to do it natively.

    If you do want to stick with iPhone, a new jailbreak should be released shortly. None of the current ones will work for your phone/firmware combination.
    We're all just toymakers in the game of life.
    2010-07-22 09:24 PM