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    Disclaimer: I'm no JB expert! If this was figured out by others, sorry I also can't say for sure if this will fix in all situations.

    Device: iPad 16GB Wifi
    iOS: 4.2.1
    JB: tethered redsn0w 0.9.6b6

    Problem: Installed an app via Cydia and when I rebooted () I got stuck on Apple Logo with no way to turn off to initiate a tethered boot w redsn0w.

    Annoyance: So many threads out there on many forums say you gotta restore w iTunes and start over. This was not ideal as I have just set everything up and haven't backed up alot of stuff yet.

    1. Run redsn0w and choose "just boot tethered".
    2. Get to screen where you should have device turned off.
    3. Hold down power/sleep and home button. This will turn it off momentarily.
    4. While holding them down, click next in redsn0w.
    5. Let go of both and immediately hold down down again as soon as the logo is visible.
    6. Follow remaining redsn0w instructions.

    YAY! PINEAPPLE! Rebooting properly!

    Hope this helps someone!
    2010-12-24 02:12 AM
  2. sacfire247's Avatar
    Thank you, Thank you. This happened to me as well and I just got back in. I did not want to have to restore either..
    2010-12-24 07:05 AM
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    guys i got error code 1013 with iphone 4 what shall i do?

    any ideas?

    any help? ?:-(
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    2011-02-01 11:07 AM
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    guys i got error code 1013 with iphone 4 what shall i do?

    any ideas?

    any help? ?:-(
    Have you edited your 'hosts' file previously?
    2011-02-01 06:23 PM
  5. cemguz's Avatar
    yes i sorted out thnx
    2011-02-02 10:07 AM
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    i'm iphone 5s user and my home button does'nt work
    How come i put iphone to recovery mode
    Same issue stuck on apple logo
    Help if anybody know alternative of hold down power and home button trick
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    2017-01-08 02:28 PM