1. rjrankin83's Avatar
    okay so for starters this is the first time i've attempted to jailbreak my phone. i've successfully jailbroken my iphone 4 using the steps on redmondpie.com i was only able to open the tethered jailbreak as it would only show my software as 4.2.1 in Cydia. I've downloaded winterboard and 2 themes on Cydia and now at the top of cydia where 4.2.1 was is blank and now i can't search anything because it stays blank, when finding themes from the homepage it tells me cydia cannot locate package. i've tried refreshing changes as it recommends and nothing happens. i've attempted to uninstall downloads and even go through the jailbreak steps again to no avail. as you can probably tell i'm not very technical savvy so any help would be great.
    2011-01-26 07:16 PM
  2. AustinHarleyD's Avatar
    I would recommend fully restoring the device. Then follow my guide for Untethered Greenpois0n RC5
    Try this.
    The Apple Input
    2011-02-12 09:04 PM
  3. iPittsburgh's Avatar
    Use greenpois0n rc6 its more current.
    2011-02-22 05:49 PM