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    Forgive me, Great Modders and Hackers, for I am utterly confused.

    My wife has an iPhone 3GS as follows:
    Serial: 88952 (first 5 digits)(year: 2009; week: 52)
    Version: 4.2.1 (8C148a) (from iPhone's "about" screen)
    Modem Firmware: 05.15.04 (from iPhone's "about" screen)

    Model: MC138LL/A (from TinyUmbrella)
    Firmware: 4.1.1 (from TinyUmbrella)
    Baseband: 05.15.05-6.4_M3S2 (from TinyUmbrella)

    Bootrom: USB\VID_05AC&PID_1227\5&2AD2F960&0&3 (found method: (1) use redsn0w 0.96b6 to get into DFU Mode; (2) open Windows Device Manager; (3) find USB Controller; (4) find sub-item "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver;" (5) select properties of the "Apple Mobile Device USB Driver;" (6) select "Details" Tab to reveal the bootrom version). Note: the "end of the info string shows the bootrom version," I'm confused what the "end of the info string" is.

    I have successfully (I think) jail-broken the above iPhone 3GS, installed Cydia and installed MyWi (the only reason I have for JB'ing this phone). It all seems to have worked OK except that if this phone has to be rebooted for any reason, it hangs at the Apple logo. It never completely boots up. The only way that I can get it to boot up is to connect it to my PC using an iPod dock cable; fire up redsn0w and put it into "just boot tethered right now" mode. That's a big problem.

    The only reason that I jail-broke my wife's 3GS is so that she can use her AT&T iPhone 3GS to tether (wired; wifi or bluetooth) with her netbook at work. She works for a very uptight, security hypersensitive, corporation. It's no longer possible at her workplace to use such radical, terrorist controlled, porn-filed, websites as "Google.com/mail." She can read emails fairly well on her iPhone 3GS, but some are hard or impossible without a decent sized screen (not to mention, Flash support). Anyway, I got her a netbook (sorry, fanboys, but the iPad in her future is a 2) and was hoping for her to use her iPhone's internet connection to stoke the boiler of her netbook. (No, there is no open wifi that she can boost).

    She's sweet and pretty, but she's as technical as a Sonic limeade. It is not tolerable that when her battery dies (it does, sometimes) or for any reason she has to re-boot her phone that she has to give it to me to re-redsn0w it.

    I assume that this is all my fault.

    I assume that I FUBAR'd this up.

    I assume that if I had any post-Pacman videogame skills, I could have figured this out on my own. Forgive me, Great Ones, for I am stupid, but how the Frigidaire can I work it out so that she can tether her 3GS to her Windozzzz XP netbook (wired or wirelessly) in a way that does not require further redsn0w use?
    2011-02-17 05:34 AM
  2. cncrim's Avatar
    Run greenpois0n, and you're all done, untether.
    2011-02-18 03:43 AM