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    How do i use redsn0w to reinstall 4.2.1 i have an iphone 3g i was trying to do the new untethered greenpoison jailbreak with a fresh 4.2.1 ios but don't know how to install the 4.2.1 ios

    and i almost forgot i am on 6.15.00 ipad baseband
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    2011-02-18 04:01 AM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    You would use iTunes to upgrade to 4.2.1.

    You'll need a custom 4.2.1 firmware bc of your baseband. Be sure to download one that does not have the iPad baseband packaged in it. You can make the custom fw if you have a Mac with PwnageTool.
    2011-02-18 04:35 AM