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    Hello. I am new here and am trying to find out some info. I currently have an iphone 3g running IOs 4.1 which was jailbroken using redsnow 0.9.6b6. I needed to unlock it (dont have a authorized sim card )I installed baseband 6.15 so it could be unlocked later and hactivated it. I then downloaded sam thru cydia and installed it then did a factory lockdown to let sam take over so i could activate iphone in itunes i then installed Ultrasnow to unlock the iphone and voila everything is working good. No SHSH Blobs were saved for this phone.

    I picked up an iphone 4 so now i am looking at selling this Iphone 3g. Question is how do i erase all of my personal data, music, itunes account info. Ordinarily i would just do an erase all content and settings but since i have the Baseband 6.15 installed restoring to official software is out of the question. My question is how do i restore this iphone? I would like to restore it then jailbreak it, install sam, and ultrasnow for the person who will be buying it. I am thinking i could create custom firmware from ios 4.1 using snowbreeze (Windows machine only) and restore to that with hactivate turned on then reinstall sam and then Ultrasnow and then the new person can sync it up to their itunes and activate it. Is this the right way to go about doing this?

    I see some people are saying to just restore to 3.13 and click on the 1015 error and it should revert back to emergency call then it can be jailbroken on 3.13. I was under the impression that this wouldn't work once 6.15 was installed. I would like to get it back to 4.1. will this work as well. My biggest fear is that i will end up bricking this iphone making it useless.

    Could someone help me out here and give me a set of instructions. Thanks
    2011-02-20 10:59 AM
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    The best way is to do a restore, you will need to put it into Pwned DFU mode then make a custom firmware or download one and do a restore through iTunes.

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    2011-02-20 08:53 PM
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    Can I put it into Pwned DFU mode right from snowbreeze? How do you put it into Pwned DFU mode? Sorry for asking but I have never put an iPhone into Pwned DFU mode. After I do the restore to custom firmware I can then install Sam and ultrasnow correct.
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