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    I jailbroke my iphone 4 with redsnow with 4.3.3 firmware. It was working fine until all of a sudden, when I open cydia, it goes into a black screen as if I was loading something from cydia and a syntax comes up saying:

    Problem parsing dependancy depends
    Error occurred while processing
    com.sull.yuuupringtones (new version 1)
    Problem with merge list
    The package list or status file could not be parsed
    or opened
    Problem parsing dependancy depends

    I cannot use any sources or I cannot use the search function either.

    First, what is wrong with cydia
    Second, can I fix it without having to re-jailbreak my phone.
    I am new to the jailbreaking game, so I do not know how to do too much. I have ssh'd a couple times. As long as you can explain it, I can probably figure out how to do it. I appreciate any help.
    2011-06-04 09:41 AM
  2. alibas's Avatar
    Had the same problems today!
    I was searching on google...nothing.
    Anyone can help us? Please !!!!
    2011-06-04 12:18 PM
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    Pbotts19 ...go to this site...

    Cydia solution to the problem “Error: Database – Problem parsing dependency Depends” | iphonecation.com

    The solution is fortunately quite simple.

    Before we begin, we need access to files on the iPhone either via SSH or iPhone USB explorer or similar.

    1 .- We went to the path:

    var / lib / apt / lists. “

    2 .-

    except delete everything except “partial folder”

    3 .- Restart the springboard and voila, our Cydia fixed

    It's worke for me!
    2011-06-04 02:23 PM