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    Now it's my time to ask for help..
    Searched all the google for my problem (no wifi after JB, wifi greyed-out, etc..), but no answers was given. (network reset, soft reset.. nothing works)
    So I connected to iTunes after long time ago to push mp3 for my party and it Synchronized (backup/upload), no strange things.
    After one day the WiFi gone mad, on/off, can connect couldn't.. and 2 days ago it vanished 4ewa..
    I upgraded the version to 4.2.1 with iTunes, still no WiFi, then JB with redsn0w_win_0.9.6rc16 and iOS 4.2.1 and still no WiFi.
    I'm afraid I have to upgrade my BB firmware to 6.15, but I heard I'll loose the warranty etc, and still no clear answer if the WiFi will work..
    There's my Screen's from what I've got:
    WiFi gone on 07.16 iOS 4.1-img_0002.pngWiFi gone on 07.16 iOS 4.1-img_0001.pngWiFi gone on 07.16 iOS 4.1-img_0003.png
    2011-07-21 07:36 AM