1. Alex(10)'s Avatar
    just got a new iphone upgraded to 4.3.5
    jailbrake with redsn0w 0.9.8b3 using 4.3.4 (Tethered)
    cydia was working fine installed a few games ect
    for some reason i happen to install a theme and noticed winterboard
    Phone rebooted i just get the apple logo

    attempted to go into DFU via redsn0w did't work
    Itunes does not recognize the device

    any ideas anyone
    2011-07-27 03:08 PM
  2. ihappy's Avatar
    Its tethered.

    Meaning everytime the device reboots you have to re-run redsn0w and select "Just Boot Tethered Right Now" and let redsn0w run its course.

    Edit: Not quite sure of this but I read Winterboard only partially works on a 4.3.4-4.3.5 jailbreak.
    2011-07-27 04:45 PM