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    It's been almost 2 hours I've been struggling what to do so I can get out of the boot logo problem! I can't boot anymore! I've installed the siriport called Spite because siripor ru didn't work and in the same time I've installed some other application as ProTube, Zephphyr and I donT remember which one! Anf then it asked to boot but I just quitted the application so I can boot from redsnow (Iphone4 on iOs 5.1). Now I'm stuck at theoot logo eith this syslog file

    Apr 16 03:27:17 localhost bootlog[0]: BOOT_TIME 1334561237 0 Apr 16 03:27:35... - 5b7cfff2

    Can someone manage to fin what the problem is... PLease thank you very much! I really want to have my iPhone back withou any restore because of some REALLY important thing on it that didn't sync with the PC.
    2012-04-16 09:09 AM