1. nerak99's Avatar
    Here is part of a redsn0w report on an iphone 3G. Do they have a list somewhere to tell what the whole report means?
    BTW, please do not just say that this is only understandable by an Apple Technician.

    BasebandBootloaderVersion: 5.9_M3S2BasebandMasterKeyHash: E9xxx

    BasebandVersion: 06.15.00

    ProductType: iPhone1,2
    ProductVersion: 3.1.3
    ProductionSOC: true
    ProtocolVersion: 2

    Which IOs am I running?

    Hitherto, this iphone appeared dead but is now a lot better. I am waiting for a sim to try and activate it. This phone appeared bricked (1015 error) but seems better. I do know if I am out of the woods yet with this one.
    2012-10-24 10:50 PM
  2. pissimist's Avatar
    ios 3.1.3
    2012-10-25 02:10 AM