1. pissimist's Avatar
    i dont care about whats inside, i have a restore for that. i just want to upgrade the firmware back to ANY firmware other than ios6 beta 4 because of too many problems. i had the same problem on my iphone 4 with ios6 beta 4, but since it had an a4 chip, i was able to jailbreak and delete setup.bat by SSH-ing into the phone. i can't do that with this ipad though. i have already tried:
    -stitching a blob to make an ipsw that apple would let me use to restore
    -using as many redsn0w versions as i could to jailbreak or put into Pwnd DFU
    -satanic rituals (lol jk)

    can anybody help by suggesting some jailbreak tools for ipad 2 ios 6 beta 5? i need to at minimum enable SSH. if you can help it would be GREATLY appreciated, thanks!
    2012-10-25 01:58 AM