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    My first post -

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Simon and other mods here.

    I struggled for the past two days trying to break a 3g on 4.2.1 with no SIM. I managed to spend 7 hours and pull out some serious amounts of my hair, every time the phone would lock into a continuous reboot cycle (apple screen for 5 minutes then reboot for same thing).

    I finally got it to jailbreak but it stayed on the emergency number screen since I had no SIM card.

    I read about 500 articles all over the internet, watched countless videos (some from kids that sounded 10 years old) and did everything possible...all to no avail.

    Then I saw this forum and Simon's post on how you must use an older version of Redsn0w, with a nice link to the file and everything. Everything then worked perfect and the phone loaded fine and I can use it as an ipod touch for my kids.

    Thank you again Simon and all - this is a fantastic resource, especially for us first-timers.
    2012-11-29 04:09 PM
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    2012-11-29 04:31 PM