1. Scyper's Avatar
    Hi guys.
    My friend gave me an iPhone 3Gs for me to Jailbreak or unlock. I read some post about how I could do this, and followed the steps to the point. I've already done this with about 10 other iPhones, by that said they were all iOS 4 or older. It seemed simple enough, so I put it in DFU mode (I know how to do this so don't tell me I did it wrong) but every single time I hit next on redsn0w (newest version) it kept giving me errors. "Exploit failed" to be exact. I hit it up on Google, and everyone said that you had missed some steps during the DFU or something like that. Redsn0w told me it was in DFU mode, and I never let any buttons go until the 3/10 and 15 seconds had past. This was done correctly.
    After about 15 attempts do solve this issue, I figured I should just try to hit the "Pwned DFU mode".
    My problem now is that redsn0w won't let me unlock/jailbreak in this stance. Neither does iTunes let me restore to older versions than 6.0.1. (I've tried to edit the hosts file and etc... to fix that. Doesn't work)
    The second and biggest issue, I can't get it out of Pwned DFU mode.
    NOTE: I can get it out of the actual Pwned DFU mode, but that'll just turn the iPhone on regularly, and then when I try to put it back in standard DFU mode it automatically goes into Pwned DFU.

    Thanks in advance.
    2013-01-06 06:26 PM
  2. bugeyewrx's Avatar
    hi there you could try ireb to get it out of pwned dfu mode sounds like its stuck in a bootloop and then try turning phone off and then hold home button only and connect it to computer with usb cable it should give you itunes logo then you should be able to restore with itunes hittng shift and restore and selecting desired ipsw of your choice i hope that works for you peace out
    2013-01-20 10:43 PM