1. modmyeye420's Avatar
    I jailbroke my 6.0.1 3GS the other day and when it died redsn0w couldn't 'just boot" my device,the screen turned white, later that week i tried again but choose select ispw> 6.0 before just boot and it somehow worked.. Anyway there came a time where I had to respring and had to boot my device with redsn0w again. selected ispw 6.0(which i thought fixed the issue the first time), and clicked just boot and now i get the white screen again. I got passed this before but not sure exactly how. PLEASE HELP
    2013-01-12 06:33 AM
  2. vtails's Avatar
    Did you get DFU before JUST BOOT TETHERED,sometimes redsnow gives me some trouble with DFU,So I use SnowBreeze and iBooty which you still have to put into DFU,but it seems to work easier! for me at least,
    2013-01-14 02:02 AM