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    Hi guys I'm trying to do the untether jailbreak to my i4 but I'm running into some issues I hope u guys can help me Please ok I'm using redsn0w to jailbreak 6.1.3 but when I was trying to do the jailbreak the"Failed to decrypt Kernel"error came up so I google the problem and I did the run as administrator and run in compatibility with windows xp service etc I did that nothing change then I read some where that redsn0w had not been updated to recognize anything higher than 6.0 to download the 6.0 ispw and point redsn0w to the 6.0 ispw instead of the 6.1.3 my phone has but now when i want to boot up the error Redsn0w missing plist 6.1.3 comes up whats going Please can this issue be solve because so far the options I tried don't work or am I stuck till the new jailbreak Please Help I will really appreciated thank you so very much
    2013-09-17 10:16 PM
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    2013-09-17 10:33 PM