1. Agriwulf's Avatar
    Aight, i cant get redsn0w to even recognize the official ipsw for 3.1.3 regardless of how far back i go in terms of downloading different versions.. i did get sn0wbreeze to make an ipsw but no matter what i cant get itunes to restore any custom firmwares to this old clunker...whited00r, sn0wbreeze, you name it, the only thing i've gotten to install is the original ipsw, every time i try customs i get 1600/1601/1602 errors, now i can jailbreak with the old jailbreakme.com but i need to unlock it because i'm selling it to a friend since i haven't used it in a long time. i'm running windows so just about the only thing i havent tried is pwnagetool because i dont have access to a mac.

    Any help would be totally appreciated.
    2013-11-16 02:03 AM
  2. bldhound's Avatar
    I used to have the same iPhone a wile back. If you can go threw sn0wbreeze and make the firmware, plug it into your computer and when it connects use iReb. Folow the steps till it ask you if you want to recover your iPhone. now for the important part. Hold down CTRL or ALT (it's been so song scene I did this) then click the button, by doing this you can look for the firmware you made. Look for were ever you put it and load it up. Should work after that. Took me a wile to learn this but I got it working. It's just been a few years scene I did this.
    2013-11-25 05:06 PM