1. steveo581's Avatar
    I used red sn0w 9.15b3 to jailbreak my iphone 3gs but it is tethered. Is there any to make it untethered or upgrade the iOS to one that supports untethering.
    2013-12-26 02:14 AM
  2. Simon's Avatar
    You can update to 6.1.x, jailbreak tethered with redsnow again. Then install p0sixpwn from Cydia to make it untethered.
    2013-12-26 04:43 AM
  3. steveo581's Avatar
    So I can just update to the apple 6.1.3 and it will undo the jailbreak and I can then do it again
    2013-12-26 06:17 AM
  4. Simon's Avatar
    2013-12-26 03:20 PM
  5. steveo581's Avatar
    Thanks for the help the jailbreak worked I have cydia now. However, i want to unlock the phone for t-mobile but ultrasn0w isnt compatible with my baseband 5.16, what should I do?
    2013-12-27 03:13 AM
  6. Simon's Avatar
    Depending on your serial number you may be able to use the ipad baseband method to unlock with ultrasnow, if so you can then downgrade the ipad baseband to a normal iPhone one with redsnow that ultrasnow still works on. That is totally dependant on your first 5 numbers of your serial number though.
    2013-12-27 09:58 PM