1. donkeylarry's Avatar
    Hello all! Question that I would just like the simple absolute scoop on if the experts could please provide their insight.

    My original jailbreak was through redsn0w and on ios 5.1.1 where I have been since for well over a year etc.

    Is it possible to upgrade to the current ios WITHOUT LOSING ANYTHING (FUNCTIONALITY, DESIGN, MUSIC, DATA ETC.)?!?

    And for what it's worth is this even worth worrying about or necessary whatsoever?

    If I should look into it, what are my next steps??? If not, thanks for the reply in advance!

    Best to all and thanks!!!
    2014-01-15 05:50 PM
  2. Bo Troxell's Avatar
    You will lose none of your data as long as you sync with iTunes or iCloud before restoring you device to the new firmware.
    Many new features in iOS 7, I personally think it's awesome.
    As many apps and tweaks are updated for the new iOS you may find that updates for those are not possible with older firmwares, so just for that reason I would suggest updating.
    Also, the window for jailbreaking may soon slam shut once 7.1 is released to the public.
    2014-01-15 07:06 PM