1. FoneWeasel's Avatar
    Pretty sweet. They look nice and don't add bulk which is why I've always gone caseless on all my phones. Had a Gelaskin on my original iPhone for years and pointed a lot of people in that direction.
    2011-05-27 03:25 AM
  2. CCFCPaulE's Avatar
    Wouldn't normally use a protection of any kind so not to spoil the looks of my iphone4 but this sweet little add on can only make it look sexier and help protect from everyday knocks at the same time! Genius
    2011-05-27 03:31 AM
  3. kowsk's Avatar
    I think I'd be a perfect fit for one of these bad boys as I scratch the he'll out of the back of my phone (face too) from having sand in my pocket. All this on the first week of owning it.
    2011-05-27 03:37 AM
  4. mariojas's Avatar
    I believe I should have one because I broke my back glass once and I find cases to be too thick. And I'm an hourly MMI reader
    2011-05-27 03:39 AM
  5. Stray's Avatar
    I think I should get this because Im a Stray I'm always on MMi and I always support it
    2011-05-27 03:41 AM
  6. indianareid's Avatar
    Because I am cool!!!
    2011-05-27 03:46 AM
  7. nil911's Avatar
    The skin would complete the complete customization of my iPhone into myPhone!!
    2011-05-27 03:47 AM
  8. alexevo's Avatar
    I don't care to win this skin. I just wanted to chime in and vote for vinap88 to win the "douchiest response" award. Oh yeah I should win this because I don't have it but if I were to win I would give it away to another MMi member.
    2011-05-27 03:53 AM
  9. yukycg's Avatar
    I have 5 iPhone 4, so I must win one for my family.
    2011-05-27 03:59 AM
  10. ewokcwalk's Avatar
    i should win because.. i constantly nick up and scratch my glass back... so much that my ocd gets to the best of me. ive replaced my glass at LEAST 6 times.

    all above statements are based on true events.
    2011-05-27 04:00 AM
  11. xattica's Avatar
    Just Perfect! That will match with my car interiors!!!
    2011-05-27 04:03 AM
  12. mr_motta1989's Avatar
    i should have one because im leaving to mexico in a few months to work on a farm and this protection would be awesome!!!!!!!!!
    2011-05-27 04:07 AM
  13. pompiste's Avatar
    Because it will match the interior accent of my car. My iPhone will be so much cooler (and my car too!)
    2011-05-27 04:09 AM
  14. skblut's Avatar
    I would love to have the carbon fiber skins for my iphone as they are light and I don't like heavy cases on it I think it interferes with the sleek look of the iphone 4.
    2011-05-27 04:12 AM
  15. mikepirih's Avatar
    modmyi is the greatest site for anything idevice related hands down! that all I have to say
    2011-05-27 04:13 AM
  16. Gom33's Avatar
    Would love to get one because I simply can't afford it after paying for my daughter's school, lol. Good luck to whoever wins, but hoping it will be me! thanks in advance!
    2011-05-27 04:38 AM
  17. Rob2G's Avatar
    This is Cool, I hope I win.
    2011-05-27 04:42 AM
  18. benfoster1977's Avatar
    would love to bling this around the office pods. thats right! Black carbon fiber!
    2011-05-27 04:47 AM
  19. hicl3's Avatar
    It really doesn't matter who you give it to. The dude above may deserve it more but if he/she does get it, I'm going to track their IP address and hunt them down just so I can steal it from them while their sleeping. Either way, I will get it, so why don't you just give it to me NOW
    2011-05-27 04:49 AM
  20. gravion17's Avatar
    Well...it's FRAKING BEAUTIFUL!!!
    2011-05-27 04:51 AM
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