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    PhoneSuit, another California accessory company (Santa Monica, hey hey) markets their case of the same name as the "thinnest, fastest charging iPhone 4 battery case to provide over 100% power." A mouthful indeed, but in our reviews it did hold true.

    The PhoneSuit feels like armor for the iPhone. It is a thick somewhat heavy case that leaves buttons, headphone jack, and camera exposed. The only thing that is not protected is the screen; the case does not come higher then the screen surface so if you drop your phone screen down, you're at the mercy of the ground. Despite it's heavy feel, this case is quite a bit thinner than the majority of battery cases we've tested, and sports a significant curve around it's sides - perfect for pockets. The entire thing is less than 17mm thin.

    As with most charging cases, you have the option to turn OFF the charging aspect. A switch at the bottom of the case allows for easy toggling on and off, with a red bit of paint to let you know which position is off. The 1amp charge gives you up to 28 hours of talk time, up to 20 hours video time, and up to 80 hours music time - and can fully charge your iPhone in 2 hours.

    The case consists of two parts. The bottom, heftier bit is where the battery is and the dock connector as well. A slightly less hearty top part clips into the bottom half to complete the protection. As an added bonus, the folks at PhoneSuit include an extra top bit, as they are the proverbial weakest link in the case.

    On the back is a five point LED battery status indicator so you always know how much juice is left. Press the button next to the indicator to check where you're at. When your case needs a charge; plug in the included mini-USB cord to the bottom of the case. It also comes with two screen protectors and two tops of the case.

    This sase is great if you find yourself running low on battery power constantly, and is thin enough to still keep in your pocket comfortably. It retails for $79.95, but we're giving away ours as well, so leave a comment and we'll pick a winner this week to ship it to! We'll announce the winner here by Friday.

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    2012-02-11 11:09 PM
  2. celeron's Avatar
    Awesome I want one!
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    2012-02-11 11:13 PM
  3. Camitampa's Avatar
    Looks nice, nicer than the other charger cases. I' d like a chance to win.
    2012-02-12 02:14 PM
  4. the4czars's Avatar
    Looks much nicer than the mophie juice pack!
    2012-02-12 02:15 PM
  5. Destan's Avatar
    This would be really cool to show off at my job where everyone uses iPhone!
    2012-02-12 03:54 PM
  6. lagitech's Avatar
    That would be handy! Here in Finland it is minus 20 Celsius, so my battery is dead before I even realize it.. :/
    2012-02-13 03:04 PM
  7. satandumpling's Avatar
    Cool I'm in
    2012-02-15 02:13 PM
  8. Drmerdp's Avatar
    Only battery case I'd spring for, less bulk equals better.
    2012-02-15 02:17 PM
  9. alyshehata's Avatar
    Cool, i would love one of these
    2012-02-15 02:19 PM
  10. FilSmith's Avatar
    I'm amazed at how thin the external battery packs are getting. The mophie seemed stellar and now this. Exactly what I need for work trips.
    2012-02-15 02:20 PM
  11. CsSxPlay3r's Avatar
    This case has to be one of the greatest! Im one of the people in this world who absolutely hates cases. I cant stand them. I keep my iPhone in "something along the lines" of this: . I dont even use a screen protector. But ever since I started my new job where I need to lift things, Im scared that ill hit my phone thats kept in my pocket. The other reason I really want this case is the the sear fact that it has another battery on it. Everyone knows that the iPhone 4s's battery isnt...up to par you could say with other phones. I really hope that I could have a shot at wininng this as it would make my life better :]
    2012-02-15 02:25 PM
  12. Taz1981's Avatar
    That is really cool. My phone is always getting charged I use it ALOT so I charge it at least twice a day
    2012-02-15 02:25 PM
  13. wdavid1's Avatar
    This site rocks. I would like the case. I learn so much great stuff here about my iDevices.
    2012-02-15 02:28 PM
  14. bftiedt's Avatar
    Could really use this when keeping up with emails from my website!!
    2012-02-15 02:30 PM
  15. bigiphoneinreno's Avatar
    I would love one of these. I'm always going dead.The battery is always going dead when my foster kids are using it at the DR's the school or while we are at meetings waiting for their parents. Hope I get one. Thanks ahead of time.
    2012-02-15 02:30 PM
  16. XenoSaber's Avatar
    People at my office are always complaining that their new iPhone doesn't last as long as their old trashberry. If I could show them a light thin solution they might jump at it. I'll take a shot for it.
    2012-02-15 02:34 PM
  17. mukhtarh1's Avatar
    WOW that is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted one like crazy but I never got a chance to get one. I WOULD LOVE IT. Thank you for posting about it!!!!!!!!!!
    2012-02-15 02:34 PM
  18. cranko's Avatar
    I have never won anything on any [GIVEAWAY] so far.Let's try my luck this time on this brilliant battery case.
    2012-02-15 02:38 PM
  19. psicard's Avatar
    Makes me want one.
    2012-02-15 02:39 PM
  20. done1234's Avatar
    Man that case would be cooler than Koolaid bring it on I need a charge, share the juice.
    2012-02-15 02:39 PM
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