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  1. rafas19's Avatar
    very usefull for my jogging mornings, wireless is the shizzles
    2012-02-20 08:52 AM
  2. sexydadee's Avatar
    why these babies are awesome? two words - military grade.
    2012-02-20 09:04 AM
  3. wicked_willis's Avatar
    Would love these.i would have a good reason to go workout now
    2012-02-20 09:13 AM
  4. tomdotcom's Avatar
    These headphones look awesome. Is the giveaway open to UK residents?
    2012-02-20 09:58 AM
  5. xeazydoezitx's Avatar
    Nice can I has one-ah deeez please!

    Looks really nice would not mind wearing these while taking a run!!! Good luck to everyone!
    2012-02-20 10:01 AM
  6. c14rlf's Avatar
    looks good
    2012-02-20 10:12 AM
  7. zeke-dot's Avatar

    I want, actually NEED a pair of these.... I exercise 4 times a week and struggle with the crappy apple earphones falling out all the time, so these would be brilliant for me!
    2012-02-20 11:39 AM
  8. anuj144's Avatar
    It will be awesome to use these headset as I would not have to untangle any wire/cable every time to use them...
    2012-02-20 11:50 AM
  9. zrevai's Avatar
    I loved my old Jabra headsets and this just looks even better!!! FM radio is a nice bonus feature!!!
    2012-02-20 11:59 AM
  10. rkswat's Avatar
    Sorry but this bluetooth design has been tested in multiple designs and found to suck *** (I've owned 2 of them)...... That's why people stopped making them (for the most part). I don't see anything different about these that would change that label.

    Jaybird, plantronics, now jabra sport..... Next.
    Last edited by rkswat; 2012-02-20 at 12:13 PM.
    2012-02-20 12:05 PM
  11. Gutie9a1's Avatar
    Sweeeeeeeet !! Finally wireless headphone that don't make you look silly.
    2012-02-20 12:11 PM
  12. p1mpdog1's Avatar
    This would be awesome
    2012-02-20 12:20 PM
  13. prybar's Avatar
    I was just looking at these at the Apple store! How amazing would it be to win a pair? Great review!!
    2012-02-20 12:33 PM
  14. rkswat's Avatar
    Sweeeeeeeet !! Finally wireless headphone that don't make you look silly.
    LoL, you think?
    2012-02-20 01:26 PM
  15. AKay724's Avatar
    Id love a pair of these!!
    2012-02-20 01:37 PM
  16. djdraco's Avatar
    I saw these a while back. I've wanted a pair for quite sometime now. They'd be perfect for the gym.
    2012-02-20 01:38 PM
  17. Dj_Cruz's Avatar
    2012-02-20 01:47 PM
  18. Robertsdp's Avatar
    I wish I knew about these before I bought the Motorola S10 headset! I'm sure I will get these also because if the bass is a good as they say, I want it!!!
    2012-02-20 02:00 PM
  19. desi_4_you's Avatar
    Nice Headphone Luv it
    2012-02-20 02:26 PM
  20. mrman78's Avatar
    these would be perfect for when i'm on the streets, look way more comfy than the motorola ones!
    2012-02-20 02:31 PM
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