1. crackertime's Avatar
    In case you do not have time to pick a winner, may I recommend myself? Good grammar and a subtle pun, what more could one ask for?
    2012-04-10 12:33 AM
  2. wicked_willis's Avatar
    I'll take one please
    2012-04-10 12:34 AM
  3. epereira's Avatar
    Ob boy, I just bought a new iPad 2 and could really use one of these!

    Oh boy, I just bought a new iPad 2 and could really use one of these!
    2012-04-10 12:46 AM
  4. Vigilante Banana's Avatar
    Wow, that is a really awesome looking case. Would love to have one.
    2012-04-10 12:53 AM
  5. FreezetheDJ's Avatar
    awesome case. it would be perfect for my iPad2.
    2012-04-10 12:55 AM
  6. Alluziion's Avatar
    Dam that's sexy! :P
    2012-04-10 01:10 AM
  7. azrahim4u's Avatar
    2012-04-10 01:36 AM
  8. nealh's Avatar
    Vaja, makes awesome cases. The leather is so nice. I had one for Dell PDA. I would love one for my iPad.
    2012-04-10 02:05 AM
  9. moby2112's Avatar
    Looks very nice I would like to have this case
    2012-04-10 02:16 AM
  10. TechnoGuy's Avatar
    Looks great, I hope I can win !
    2012-04-10 02:25 AM
  11. TT KH's Avatar
    Very lovely
    2012-04-10 03:38 AM
  12. zvandiver's Avatar
    Vaja has always made the classiest iDevice cases
    2012-04-10 03:39 AM
  13. soNburst's Avatar
    2012-04-10 03:40 AM
  14. thereason8's Avatar
    pick me pick me
    2012-04-10 03:46 AM
  15. Just Dummy's Avatar
    I could really use a case for my new naked iPad.
    2012-04-10 04:36 AM
  16. Crapo85's Avatar
    Awesome case
    2012-04-10 05:19 AM
  17. busta7888's Avatar
    I'm actually very impressed with this product. I would love to win one!! I was looking at the 4S cases on their website as well. Stunning.
    2012-04-10 05:23 AM
  18. stang89lx50's Avatar
    Thats a really nice case.
    2012-04-10 06:06 AM
  19. doctorv64's Avatar
    Darn, that's one mighty nice case for my iPad! Fingers crossed!
    2012-04-10 06:59 AM
  20. cubanojones's Avatar
    2012-04-10 07:18 AM
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