1. fasih fawad's Avatar
    wont be bad idea to change body color..
    2012-04-24 11:01 PM
  2. Jayman11's Avatar
    Those are awesome. I bought a white iphone 4S but I would love to change it over to that orange! Awesome product!!!
    2012-04-24 11:19 PM
  3. Tom Morash's Avatar
    Orange would look slick on my 4s!
    2012-04-24 11:26 PM
  4. themexicanobama's Avatar
    So cool!
    2012-04-24 11:27 PM
  5. frejes32's Avatar
    Beautiful. Do want.
    2012-04-24 11:35 PM
  6. adrift98's Avatar
    The blue one is lust worthy.
    2012-04-24 11:35 PM
  7. regkilla's Avatar
    True Blue. I want the blue one!
    2012-04-24 11:35 PM
  8. EverlostPoet's Avatar
    Pretty pro!
    2012-04-24 11:36 PM
  9. iNfEk's Avatar
    2012-04-24 11:36 PM
  10. Jevangel's Avatar
    Wow the blue one is siiiick
    2012-04-24 11:37 PM
  11. bigboyz's Avatar
    They look nice..i must say! Question is..how many of you actually "do not" use a case? Who is going to see it? Not sure why Apple doesn't make different colors..tired of the standard black and now white. Everyone has the white iPhone, cause all we had was black after the 1st gen. Apple could at least make anniversary or holiday related colors or iPhones..something to spruce it up! Love my iPhone I've had all of them..definitely time for some changes..Nokia shouldn't be the only phone maker making different colors outside of black and white..just saying.
    2012-04-24 11:41 PM
  12. Da Wil-Man's Avatar
    That orange case is sexy! I'm tired of my white iPhone 4s! It's time to change to orange! Love to stand out from the crowd!
    2012-04-24 11:48 PM
  13. iGrime's Avatar
    Wow, The orange >>>> Am gone buy it anyway and hopefully win one weather i win or not >>>>> $185 (Inc) shipping to UK!!! :P
    2012-04-24 11:54 PM
  14. Brgrkngemployee's Avatar
    I would love one, not sure about the $200 price point though:/
    2012-04-24 11:56 PM
  15. Colby21's Avatar
    I already did the swap on my iphone 4 with the blue kit, and let me tell you... THE QUALITY IS HORRIBLE! The screen smudges like crazy, It scratches like nobodies business, and when you take a picture using flash, you get a blue hue around your photographs. Absolutely worthless. I wouldn't want it if you gave it to me.
    2012-04-24 11:58 PM
  16. bthomp2000's Avatar
    This would look fantastic on my 4S! I am a huge fan of iFixDirect and their products.
    Last edited by bthomp2000; 2012-04-25 at 12:14 AM.
    2012-04-25 12:12 AM
  17. ewmcl7's Avatar
    super cool, both blue and orange look sweet but i'd probably have to go with the blue
    2012-04-25 12:24 AM
  18. mrloku21's Avatar
    Kinda pricey but very nice would love to get my hands on one for my iPhone 4 and blue and black is a must
    2012-04-25 12:29 AM
  19. sickchris714's Avatar
    the blue looks awesome. might have to just buy one!
    2012-04-25 12:48 AM
  20. brennod10's Avatar
    If i had that orange kit for my 4S i'd be totally swagged out. Orange iPhone and orange G Shock watch, the girls would be on me like butter on toast lol.
    2012-04-25 12:52 AM
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