1. digerman's Avatar
    i lke the look wow
    2012-04-25 05:43 AM
  2. Lovebirdparakeet's Avatar
    I �� the blue one.
    2012-04-25 05:44 AM
  3. RobberBoy's Avatar
    2012-04-25 05:53 AM
  4. blinxtom's Avatar
    Definitely very nice.
    2012-04-25 05:54 AM
  5. tacoma96's Avatar
    Blue color look great!
    2012-04-25 06:06 AM
  6. raduga's Avatar
    Sorry, Cowboy.

    I can believe that these cases are of exceptional, or even supreme quality, but what you have posted is simply not true.

    They use only the best materials, and put their heart in every detail to make sure it would pass even Steve Jobs's standard.
    If these cases are not OEM manufactured for Apple, assembled by Apple and sold by Apple, they would never meet Steve Jobs' approval, ever. And further, you note that they only put Heart into each detail, while the Jobs Standard requires one to put one's Liver and Pancreas into every available unit, unless a certified replacement Liver and/or Pancreas is available for transplant.

    Though I will grant that these could be the best materials available, since Steve Jobs Liver is rather a scarce commodity these days...
    2012-04-25 06:13 AM
  7. tansup3rman's Avatar
    wow nice! i must check them out!
    2012-04-25 06:26 AM
  8. westc0ast's Avatar
    This is too cool.
    2012-04-25 06:45 AM
  9. Mcdonaldboi's Avatar
    I really want the blue on my iPhone 4
    2012-04-25 08:15 AM
  10. FloRocka's Avatar
    I got this!
    2012-04-25 08:18 AM
  11. lillewis51's Avatar
    their screens are way better than the ebay versions. so much led leak.
    2012-04-25 08:33 AM
  12. glyphic's Avatar
    those look pretty cool. i wouldnt mind having the ip4 blue one. a question on the lcd's though, are they equivalent to the official apple parts as far as quality?
    2012-04-25 09:50 AM
  13. harrydao's Avatar
    i want the orange one !
    2012-04-25 10:50 AM
  14. Juggolow22's Avatar
    This is awesome! my screen is cracked
    2012-04-25 11:25 AM
  15. JPili's Avatar
    I use a case for my iPhone so the only color I need is white. Black case and white iPhone is super sexy.
    2012-04-25 11:47 AM
  16. nudles29's Avatar
    I never win nothing so here goes nothing
    2012-04-25 12:28 PM
  17. tomykas's Avatar
    awesome! amazing looks! want one!
    2012-04-25 12:29 PM
  18. Dranon's Avatar
    VERY cool! We have both a 4s and a 4 so I'll take either one!
    2012-04-25 12:40 PM
  19. 1shuttle1's Avatar
    These's are awesome. Would be great to have.
    2012-04-25 01:00 PM
  20. BOYD's Avatar
    Wish they had that blue for the 4s!
    2012-04-25 01:35 PM
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