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    Yesterday we showed you the Incipio Stowaway case for the iPhone 5; it was an all-in-one case that brought us some neat features. Today in our peek at iPhone 5 case week to assist in finding the right iPhone 5 case for the holidays, we will be showing you the Incipio Frequency case for the iPhone 5.

    The Incipio Frequency case is a bare-bones snap-on case made entirely out of impact-resistant TPU-like material. Like the Incipio Feather, the Incipio Frequency is a minimalist case. It’s not as minimalist as the Feather, per se, but it really has nothing to it and it’s really slim. It also comes with the foldable stand so you can easily watch videos without holding your device or laying it flat on a table.

    From the front, we can see that no part of the case gets in the way of using your home button, touch screen, front-facing camera, or front-facing speaker. It has a bezel that surrounds the entire front of the iPhone so that when you lay your iPhone face down on a table, the screen doesn’t get scuffed.

    From the back, we see a creative textured design that resembles the volume bars of a stereo system – hence the name ‘frequency.’ They shine in the light and the Incipio logo is cleverly hidden in the design. The rest of the case is textured with a rougher feel that helps you grip the case very well in your hand. That being said, it feels awesome in your hand and very solid too.

    The hole for the camera has enough room for the camera lens, LED flash, and rear-facing microphone, so nothing of the case gets in the way of your photography. The shiny, inset design moves out from the camera off to the side of the iPhone similarly to the Incipio Feather as well.

    The volume buttons are shielded from the elements by the case, however the ringer/silent switch is open for you to switch when you want to. It may require a good fingernail to reach the switch through the hole the case gives you.

    The power button is also covered by the case to keep it from getting scuffed or worn out with use.

    The bottom of the Incipio Frequency case uses the same basic three-hold design as the Incipio Stowaway, however because of the case’s natural ability to flex, there is room to squeeze larger headphone/speaker accessories into the hole to get to the 3.5mm jack if the case doesn't cooperate that well. There is plenty of room for the lightning connector, and you can hear the speaker and record with the microphone just fine through the case.

    The Incipio Frequency, being more of a minimalist case in design, is not the most protective case you can get on the market, however its design and TPU-like material will absorb most everyday drops.

    The Incipio Frequency retails for $24.99 and comes in the following color choices on Incipio's Web site:
    • Royal Purple
    • Cherry Blossom Pink
    • Obsidian Black
    • Teal green
    • Translucent Mercury Gray

    Being that the Incipio Frequency looks good, feels good, and had no trouble working with all of our accessories, we’re giving the case 4 out of 5 leaves!

    Each unit comes with a complimentary microfiber cloth and screen protector as well as the foldable stand.
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    If only I didn't buy cheap iPhone cases from china for $2
    2012-11-29 10:57 PM
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    Does incipio make a case where they cover the lighting dock and speaker? I work in a dusty area and I hate when my speaker and dock get dusty.
    "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not"
    2012-11-29 10:58 PM
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    2012-11-30 03:57 AM
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    Why are they deleting the negative comments?
    2012-11-30 07:55 AM
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    Why are they deleting the negative comments?
    As of this posting, no comments in this thread have been deleted.
    2012-11-30 08:27 AM
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    Why are they deleting the negative comments?
    Because previous reviews had whiny little kids talking **** about these cases...
    2012-12-01 06:49 AM
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    I just ordered this for my mom, looking forward to getting it
    2012-12-08 05:52 AM
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    i dreamed to have an Iphone 5, it is too expensive to me
    2012-12-23 06:29 AM
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    I tried two of these cases in an AT&T store a couple months ago. The volume buttons felt great, but the sleep/lock button was absolutely horrible. Too bad. I stuck with my Belkin Grip Candy Sheer (Glow/Blacktop version).
    2012-12-28 10:24 PM
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    If only I didn't buy cheap iPhone cases from china for $2
    YA...ME TOO.
    God I hate it when there are $2 soft cases that do the job of $25 cases.
    (It's God's way of telling you that you have too much disposable income!)
    Oh, that's right, since they probably get these cases for free, that means you (bigray) and I are down $2!
    I can live with that!
    2013-01-12 07:54 AM