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    Incipio and Stanley Hand Tools have come together for a new rugged lineup of iPhone cases for 2013; one of them, being the one pictured above – the Stanley Foreman case for iPhone 5. Incipio also offers the case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S if you’re interested. Built around the characteristics of a company popular for hand tool workers, construction workers, and other hard-working men and women, the Stanley Foreman case provides ideal protection under even some of the most extreme conditions. The case offers a rugged appearance, and feel, and handles drops and shock very well.

    From the rear, you can see the Stanley logo, which appears on the silicone part of the case. The camera is given a large hole to peek through, so the case doesn't get in the way of your photographs, LED flash, or the rear-facing microphone.

    The silicone is actually an insert for the hard plastic shell of the case. The silicone helps cradle your iPhone from the inside, keeping it safe from shock, while the harder outer shell of the case actually keeps scratches and drops from getting to the iPhone itself. We've disassembled the case so you can see the two components below:

    The front of the case has a silicone bezel so you can place your iPhone face-down with confidence, no matter the surface. You can also easily access the touch screen, home button, front-facing camera, and front-facing speaker without any issues:

    The Stanley Foreman also offers optimal access to the volume buttons and ringer/silent switch, making it easy to control your iPhone even when the case is on. The buttons are covered with a silicone layer, while the switch remains exposed with a decent-sized hole so you can fit your finger in there to switch it:

    The power button at the top of the phone is also easily accessible, with a rugged design on the silicone covering the button. It’s surprisingly easy to press the button through the case, and you hear the click from the power button that you would normally hear only when the iPhone is naked. I have to say, I’m impressed with the feeling this case provides for waking up and putting your iPhone to sleep with this button:

    From the bottom of the Stanley Foreman case, there is a single hole for accessing all of the components at the bottom of the phone. Since this part of the case is silicone, you can stretch it to fit any size headphone jack you want to. The case doesn’t obstruct any of the jacks, and keeps the location wide open for your external speaker and microphone:

    Since the branding of the case comes from a company of tool-making, it would make sense to provide the case with a type of holster that a worker can clip to their Jeans pocket, tool pouch, or anything else they may have available while on the job. The Stanley Foreman comes with a holster, which is made to seat the iPhone screenward-in to prevent scratches to the display. The inside of the holster features a soft surface, to keep the screen safe:

    From the rear, the Stanley Foreman’s holster has a ratcheting clip that can be adjusted to turn to the user’s comfort. The Stanley name is proudly printed on the holster as well:

    The Stanley Foreman from Incipio is a sturdy case, but definitely far from slim. The case is built for heavy-duty protection in work environments, and it certainly doesn’t skimp out in this area. In terms of feel in your hand, the rather protruding rear can take some getting used to, but it adds to the rigidity of the case and helps in drop protection.

    If you’re looking for a reliable case that can keep your iPhone 5 protected, I can definitely recommend the Stanley Foreman. It can be awkward getting used to holding this case, but because of how durable it feels, we're giving it 3.5 out of 5 leaves.

    Every Stanley Foreman case from Incipio comes with a screen protector and microfiber cloth. The case comes in Gray and Yellow, Gray and Pink, Black on Black, Dark Gray and Gray, and Black on Black with Yellow. It retails for $39.99 on Incipio's Web site.

    Check out Incipio's Stanley Rugged case video below:

    For a mobile-friendly video link that works with our app, tap on the link below:

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    silicone* not silicon..
    2013-02-01 02:58 AM
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    The names Incipio and Stanley should never be together. Looks like a terrible quality case. It's been established thousands of times already that "hard layer, soft layer" cases BLOW in terms of iPhone safety and durability. My brother had one. Since the silicone took up so much space, the hard shell was super thin and weak. It broke a few weeks after purchase.

    I personally don't use a case. I did for a while but it seemed to me that if the case can't last as long as the phone then it's not actually protecting it. I had 3 'decent' cases that did not last even 3 months, in total. Just don't waste your money on this crap.

    Note to mods: maybe for the next iOS app update, I won't have to go through 3 different menus to edit a post? And the Save Photo button has been broken since release. Too bad there's no tweak that fixes this app.
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    2013-02-01 03:09 AM
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    I personally don't use a case.
    I took my case off for ONE day... and my iPhone dropped on the concrete. Murphy's law right? I have never dropped a phone in my life.

    It'll be hard to convince me to go caseless now.
    2013-02-01 03:12 AM
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    this case does not offer ideal protection my friend u are wrong

    I took my case off for ONE day... and my iPhone dropped on the concrete. Murphy's law right? I have never dropped a phone in my life.

    It'll be hard to convince me to go caseless now.
    u were complacent my dear friend...
    2013-02-01 03:14 AM
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    Now this is a nice case.... I've always liked the incipio hard/soft cases !!! But again I'm not throwing my phone off my roof or anything
    2013-02-01 03:18 AM
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    Lol looks like eBay cases just with the word Stanley on it JS.
    "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not"
    2013-02-01 03:50 AM
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    That's a nice looking case. Love the yellow one in the video.
    2013-02-01 04:39 AM
  9. RokeSmoreMeefer's Avatar
    All of Incipio's cases suffer from the same fatal flaw as most other iPhone cases - they DO NOT stay tight to the edges of the screen. But this is the first time that it's been so apparent from photos in a review here on ModMyI. I don't get it, Incipio has been making iPhone cases for quite some time now, yet they can't seem to get that simple yet very important detail right. Look at the huge gap between the case and the glass around the home button. And on this case, even the hard outer shell doesn't properly fit the inner shell - look at the left side of the very first image next to the Stanley logo.

    The Stanley brand isn't what it used to be. It used to stand for American-made quality tools. Now it's all just Chinese junk. That it appears on a junk iPhone case doesn't surprise me one bit.

    Seriously, Anthony, how the hell can you give this 3.5 stars? Are you just blind or does Incipio pay really well?

    For my iPhone 5, I went through 6 cases before I finally found one that started out snug and has remained snug - the Ballistic LS. It's been on my phone for almost 2 months now and is not only still tight to the screen, but it looks just as good as the day I put it on.
    2013-02-01 05:29 AM
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    I've used hybrid cases in the past and I love this simple snug case for my i5. I bought on eBay. It cost only a few bucks.
    The Stanley Foreman Case From Incipio Offers Ideal iPhone Protection-imageuploadedbymodmyi1359697420.089331.jpgThe Stanley Foreman Case From Incipio Offers Ideal iPhone Protection-imageuploadedbymodmyi1359697436.316610.jpgThe Stanley Foreman Case From Incipio Offers Ideal iPhone Protection-imageuploadedbymodmyi1359697444.316552.jpg
    I am the Vincent (Vital Information Necessary Centralized) iPhone.

    When I am moody I am the Hal iPhone 9000 lol
    2013-02-01 06:44 AM
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    I took my case off for ONE day... and my iPhone dropped on the concrete. Murphy's law right? I have never dropped a phone in my life.

    It'll be hard to convince me to go caseless now.
    I have NEVER used a case. My wife and kids ALWAYS use a case. My wife has dropped her phone more times than I can imagine. My kid dropped his ipod touch the day after he got it on the kitchen floor, broke the screen. Brought it to Apple store and got a new one (they did nothing for the price and could not replace screen!) My son and daughter both use lifetouch acses and love them. Me I like my phone like I like my women... NAKED!
    2013-02-01 12:12 PM
  12. *T*'s Avatar
    Me I like my phone like I like my women... NAKED!
    Amen! Thanked.
    2013-02-01 01:33 PM