1. edwinzam's Avatar
    I just got my whote Lunatik Taktik Extreme for my iPhone 5. The quality of the material and packing are very high quality. You can easily distinguish the geniune and the fake (or as Ebay sellers call them - replica). After reading reviews of the geniune and replica, you can easily spot the fakes.

    Installation is vey easy. It only took me only a few minutes (spent so much time cleraning the screean and the gorilla glass). It is very important that the gorilla glass and the iphone screen are clean and dust-free. The sensitivity of the gorilla glass is great - no appreciable difference to when I had a screen protector or when the iphone screen is naked. The Home button response is also very similar.

    The extra length, width and thickness makes it much easier to hold. The polymer bezel and back plane provides a comnsiderably firmer hold. It is approciable heavier than a naked iPhone or with the More-Think Armor case I was using before I bought the Lunatik Taktik.

    On/Off button requires a little bit more pressure (very little more). I used my finger nail to press it before. The integrated vibe button switcher (silencer) requires a small implement like a pen to press, unless you have fingers as thin as pencils, you need something to push it.

    I noticed that there are rainbows on the gorilla screen when the iPhone is off. It is almost invisible but you will see it if you find it. However, when you turn on your iPhone, the rainbow (very slight) can only be seen if the backgound is black or very dark. I am wondering what I can do to prevent the rainbow appearing.The now too-common drop tests seen in YouTube is true. It will not harm your iphone if you throw it hard on a concrete or loose gravel ground. However, it can scratch the case. So do not do it just to impress your friend. If you really have to perform a throwing demonstration, put a thin rag on the ground.

    Overall Score: 8/10
    2013-07-12 05:53 AM
  2. JeremiahSantos's Avatar
    this case means a full proof protection to the sensitive body of the iPhone..all in all the product is rock solid
    2013-07-12 07:47 AM
  3. edwinzam's Avatar
    I agree. But make sure people understand that it is much bigger than the iPhone 5.
    2013-07-12 12:43 PM
  4. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    I agree. But make sure people understand that it is much bigger than the iPhone 5.
    Ya... it's a tank. LOL
    2013-07-22 07:41 PM
  5. mrallank's Avatar
    I agree Ed. This case is a paper tiger. drop it in the pool. Now go buy a new phone. Why dont they just make the damn thing waterproof?
    2013-08-30 05:21 AM
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  7. buttamix's Avatar
    That case is wicked !!!!!! Holy crap
    2014-08-08 10:49 PM
  8. Lawrence Coleman's Avatar
    I read the reviews about some of these being fake, but I figured that I would be safe because the case was sold and shipped by Amazon. I was wrong. Amazons price was $113. That was only $12 less than the Lunatik site, so I figured that it would be authentic. WRONG! The case arrived quickly, but its packaging was falling apart and did not look like the packaging of the real one.
    2015-11-30 01:48 PM
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