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    One of the things Apple never made for us was a Lightning dock for the iPhone 5, and boy was that depressing. Fortunately, many entrepreneurs have worked on making one for those demanding a solution. One of the best we’ve seen yet is the SETA smartphone stand.

    The SETA Smartphone Stand offers a great docking solution. Behind its sleek appearance is a new NanoSuction technology. The stand itself is made from stiff aluminum that comes in many different colors – on each end is a NanoSuction pad. One side sticks to a flat, smooth surface of your choice, while the other side sticks to the back of your smartphone (yes, this stand actually works with more than just the iPhone… galaxy phones included!). The brilliant design of the stand allows a charging cable to tuck under the device while it’s docked. There is room for a 30-pin connector or a Lightning connector.

    The NanoSuction pads are re-usable and they don’t lose any of their grip each time you re-use them. You can stick your device straight up on a desk to charge or sync it or even upside down on your car windshield for a handy GPS stand. Either way, you’re not going to lose that suction power either way you use it. You can mount your iPhone straight, upside down, crooked, even sideways on the stand – it will stick no matter what. It sticks to many kinds of cases too!

    The metal on the SETA stand is much like the brushed aluminum on the MacBook Pro. The silver version even looks just like the MacBook Pro’s metal, so you could have your iPhone sitting right next to your MacBook Pro and think the stand was from Apple themselves.

    Because the NanoSuction pads are on both the phone side and the docking side, not only is your phone safe from falling off of the stand, but your stand is safe from being tipped over. It takes a pretty strong grip on the stand and a good jerk to get it off of many surfaces. With that being said, you probably won’t accidentally knock your iPhone off your desk with the SETA stand. It doesn't leave any marks on the surfaces that you stick it to either.

    In case you were wondering, the SETA Smartphone Stand comes in the following color choices:

    • Blue
    • Red
    • Silver
    • Pink
    • White
    • Black

    The SETA Smartphone Stand is currently a KickStarter project that aimed to have $20,000 pledged and already has about $32,000 as of this writing. With that being said, the project is a success. It will be on KickStarter for another 38 days. You can view the KickStarter page here.

    Reserving your SETA Smartphone Stand will set you back just $19, and it will come with one extra NanoSuction pad. After the KickStarter campaign, the stand will retail for $29.95. You can also buy the NanoSuction pads on their own to stick your devices to smooth, flat surfaces without the stand.

    We like the look, feel, and overall design of the SETA Smartphone Stand. Nothing quite comes close to the build quality and the satisfaction you get from using it is well worth the small price tag. We are giving the SETA Smartphone Stand four out of five leaves:

    All SETA Smartphone Stands are made in the United States!
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    2013-06-01 02:11 AM
  2. MXCO's Avatar
    Will they be making iPad's stand as well?
    "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not"
    2013-06-01 02:37 AM
  3. Anthony Bouchard's Avatar
    Will they be making iPad's stand as well?
    The NanoSuction pads they sell come in a tablet version that can hold the iPad to flat surfaces.

    The possibility of an iPad version of the stand is probably likely, but unconfirmed.

    This version of the stand is strong enough to support an iPad Mini.
    2013-06-01 02:38 AM
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    So sexy would look good on a nice clean apple desk with cinema display and my macbook pro retina and stand
    I love kickstater for reasons like this
    2013-06-01 03:15 AM
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    So sexy would look good on a nice clean apple desk with cinema display and my macbook pro retina and stand
    I love kickstater for reasons like this
    Cool story bro...
    2013-06-01 04:22 AM
  6. scuba's Avatar
    Will they be making iPad's stand as well?
    Goto the kickstarter page...Its called the will hold any pad or tablet
    2013-06-01 06:26 AM
  7. rkswat's Avatar
    Would of picked on up at the early bird price but not willing to go $25. Oh well, no sale for me.
    2013-06-01 10:40 AM
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    Would have bought an early bird one for '$19' if the shipping to anywhere outside the US wasn't $15 itself!
    2013-06-01 11:29 AM
  9. thazsar's Avatar
    Would have picked one up for $0 since its not a dock....
    2013-06-01 09:24 PM
  10. RyoSaeba's Avatar
    This would drive an OCD person crazy because it will probably take a few tries to get the phone to stick strait the first time. It would make sense to have something that sticks out beyond the pad at the bottom so you can align your phone first.
    2013-06-02 06:37 PM
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    I have always wondered how well these work!!!!
    2014-08-08 11:01 PM
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    This stand's construction is fantastic. It's a solid piece of aluminum with 2 pieces of their Nano Grip technology that make it a very simple and pretty product. The stand sits at a very comfortable viewing angle and is easy to use.
    2015-11-29 02:39 PM